Testimonials and All Tournament Pro Customers

All Tournament Pro Software Testimonials

Tournament Directors

Executive Director USA Racquetball Association

Jim Hiser
"I have used different types of systems, I have done draws by hand for a long time, and we have a draw here at this tournament, national singles, with over 500 people and 1100 matches and I did the entire draw in about 2 1/2 days, normally this draw takes me 4 to 5 days to complete. So I can say if you haven't tried it try it because it does everything for you, it is very accurate, and saves a lot of work."

Louisiana Racquetball Association Board Member

Anthony Zeringue
"Since 2005 we have been working with the R2 system and it has helped our events out tremendously. The starting times is one of our bigest things that we like because we are not getting as many phone calls. People are just going online and just checking the starting times. The draws are all set practically automatically right there for us. And reporting the results is also great. We like how R2 and the USRA are working together to keep memberships together. I suggest that you use it and you'll be very supprised how easy it is to use and how Ryan has made it even more user friendly. The accounting system is also one of the great things it has all. They all the paperwork righ there as far as who owes what, what shirt size you have, and thats event great right there. So definitely, I recommend you use it."

Vice-President Texas Racquetball Association

Leo Vasquez
"I really like the R2 Sports software when it comes to scheduling my tournament, it saves me a lot of time. And the most valueable thing I think for the fans is, they can go online and they can look at the draws everyday as they are updated and keep up with the tournament."

Tournament Players

Team Ektelon Tournament Player

Nathan Johnson
"Entering tournaments and checking start times has been great on the Internet...being able to communicate with the people here (tournament staff) has been great."

Pro Kennex Team Player

Kory Duarte
"R2 Sports made everything easy for me. I can check from a computer anywhere to see my scores and start times and see how my other friends are doing in the draws. It is awesome."

Tournament Staff

USA Nationals Tournament Staff

Terri Morse
"We use R2 Sports for our largest events .... Made it easy to use for our everyday tournament applications as well as planning our draw and preparation."

USA Nationals Tournament Staff

Eddie Vann
"It (R2 Sports) has helped us out tremendously here at the tournament desk. Usually I am sitting up there, but now I am able to hang out and watch the matches because everything is pretty much done at the push of a button."