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Why use tournament software anyways?

Ask yourself these questions to help determine if a tournament management program is right for you.

Are you interested in automating the most tedious parts of running a tournament?

Want to know exactly how much entry fee revenue you are bringing in at any moment?

Tired of wasting your time taking phone entries and giving out starting times?

Have you ever accidentally placed a team in the wrong division, or had a mail entry not come in, even though the player tells you it has been sent?

Do you currently have a way for players to view your past tournament history and draws without you doing anything extra?

Do your fingers get tired of writing names on scorecards and draws?

Do you have a free way to send tournament email ads to players / teams within a certain geographic location?

Do you currently have all of your registration information in a sortable format so it is quick to find?

Does your organization require yearly membership dues that make it time consuming to determine who is expired?

Do you spend any additionl time after the event compiling the results to send in to your associatin to update rankings?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and you are interested in providing a better overall experience for players, fans, parents, media, and sponsors, then the All Tournament Pro Software is right for you!

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