All Tournament Pro Customers

All Tournament Pro Software Customers

US Open Tournament

Choice Hotels US Open

The US Open has used the R2 sports sytem evey year since 2006 to run the largest racquetball tournament in the world. The US Open tournament is held in Memphis, Tennessee over 4 venues.

World Tournament

International Racquetball Federation

The IRF began using the R2 system in 2006 for their world tournaments. Coaches can now enter their players online, and easily find all the players times and track players progress online from their hotel room. The IRF has run tournament using our online software in the Dominican Republic, Chile, and Germany.

National Tournament

United States Racquetball Association

USAR begain using the R2 system in 2003 and purchased the system for all sanctioned tournaments in the United States to use. Their customized version is linked to their membership and rankings databases. Players must pay their membership dues when they enter online and directors can automatically seed players by their national ranking. The USAR has utilized the software for their singles and doubles national tournaments and take advantage of the customized racquetball scorecards they continuously print as they update winners at the event.

Canada Racquetball Association

Racquetball Canada began using the system in 2007 and have since had 2 national tournaments. They required players to enter online and it saved the directors countless phone calls. They too purchased our system for any director to use for a sanctioned event in Canada.

Regional Tournament

Texas Racquetball Association

The TXRA is our first and longest customer and has been using our tournament software to run their anual Regional Tournament since 2002.

State Tournament

Louisiana Racquetball Association

The LRA has used the R2 system since 2005 for their State Tournaments. They run their events over 2 clubs, and the online software makes it easy for the head director to track the progress of the event.

Pro Tournament

International Racquetball Tour

The IRT has been using the R2 system since 2005 to run their Pro tournaments. Their Pro Nationals held in Chicago gets is a pro/am event, ameteurs get to watch the pros compete, and play in skill level divisions. During the online entry process, the IRT sells tickets for match viewing, making it easy for players to purchase additional items during the registration process..

Women's International Squash Players Tour

WISPA began using the R2 system to run some of their women's pro tournaments in 2004. The directors entered the players pictures in all the pro players profiles making them easy to identify when players and fans were at the live event.

Women's Professional Racquetball

WPRO began using our tournament software in 2007 for their national pro tournament. The women's tour raises money for breast cancer, and they created donations as additional items for players to purchase and raised several hundred dollars.

Junior Tournament

Masters Tournament

Local Tournament

High School Sports Tournament